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Day 6: Cards have arrived

I have 18 boxes of cards sitting in the campaign office, ready to be handed out to the public.  I can’t wait to start.

I’m exhausted.  I had to take over the office today because my campaign manager had other non-campaign duties.  He had thought he could do them while managing the campaign, but it has just been too busy.

We have had a tremendous response from people outraged at Elizabeth’s exclusion from the debates.  Even non-Green voters are walking into the office and asking who they can write to  in order to get Elizabeth in.

The campaign feels good.  Positive and wonderful.  I hope and expect sense to prevail.  Elizabeth will be in the debates.

Day 5: My registration papers are in

Didn’t have a computer with me last night so I’m updating now.  My husband and campaign manager has had back problems for the last week so moving is painful.  He’s also averaged four hours of sleep a night through this time.  But he’s working full time on the campaign.

I registered in the morning.  Everything seems to be in order but as of last night I was not yet confirmed.  It takes time.  Everything takes time.  Thanks to Clara who dragged herself out of bed early to spend the day helping me out.

I was part of a panel of speakers in the evening at the Post Carbon Toronto AGM.  Somehow I was also elected back onto the Executive as well.  The office is looking great and working better and better.  Materials should be coming in soon.  Jo’s daughter Meghan decorated the window display and Charlie says the team had a fabulous meeting last night while I was out at my talk.

Coal climate showdown in Bangladesh: sign the petition

Within days, a man-made environmental catastrophe could be initiated in one of the most environmentally fragile countries on earth: a massive coal mine in Bangledesh is poised for approval despite a years-long protest movement to stop it.

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Day 4: Frustrations

34 days to Election day

We aren’t allowed to put up TTC ads, in what looks like it may be a violation of a court decision on election access.  This afternoon, I went to get myself registered and was told that not only was the Returning Officer not yet ready to register candidates, but that some of the nomination signatures I had might have been stale dated and I would have to get new ones.  Raced out to Gerrard Square for signatures.  Then back to the office and a late arrival at pub night.  Came home to discover Elizabeth had been barred from the debates again.  I guess the Consortium wants the debates to be boring.  It is so much work for the Greens just to have access.  Still waiting for signs and flyers.

Not frustrating was a meeting with an Ethiopian community leader.  A very good conversation, followed up on by Charlie.

To help get Elizabeth into the debates, do the following:

Day 3: Waiting and preparing

The big excitement of this day was the brief moment we lost track of my 15-year-old daughter at nightfall and several volunteers went on a search.  Other than that it was a steady day of progress.

TTC posters

Here is one of the posters we want to place in subway stations.

There are three stairway-sized posters:     Read more »

Peter Russell clarifies on coalitions and electing Parliament

In the Toronto Star today, Peter Russell explained and demonstrated how we elect a Parliament and not a leader, that any new government must enjoy the support of the majority of elected members in the Commons, and how Harper’s implication that a coalition is illegitimate is, well, wrong.

When we hold an election we do not directly elect a prime minister. We elect a House of Commons. It is this elected chamber of Parliament that decides who governs the country.

There is a good explanation of why we know this is so, with precedents and rules.

2011 May 11: Environment and Climate in Peril

This is a round table to discuss the topic “How People of Faith Will Care and Advocate for Creation?”.

Environment and Climate in Peril Round Table
Wednesday, 2011 May 11, 7pm
Seeley Hall, 6 Hoskin Ave, Trinity College, U of T

416 593-0906

Space is limited.  Register online.     Read more »

2011 Apr 1: Campaign kick-off party

Well, we’ve already kicked off the campaign.  But it’s still gearing up.  This Friday, we will have a party to celebrate our office, our first flyers, our signs and our volunteers.  Good food, good company and some funny videos, probably a call out for campaign help. Join us.

Campaign kick-off party
Friday, 2011 April 1, 6pm
Campaign office, 1338 Danforth Avenue
just east of Greenwood Station

Hope to see you there.

Day 2: What’s the problem with coalitions?


At a talk I attended on Friday afternoon with constitutional scholar Peter Russell, he pointed out that of the 51 democracies in the world today, 48 are led by either coalitions or minority governments acting with the support of other parties.  If Stephen Harper rejects coalitions, he rejects democracy, because democracy is all about coalition building, partnership, working together and finding solutions.


This morning at an interfaith breakfast organized by Greening Sacred Spaces, I ran into a colleague who pointed out that Stephen Harper got the vote of 22% of eligible voters – that’s 38% of the 59% of the electors who bothered to vote.  So many people are disgusted with government they don’t vote at all.  And with the support of  less than one quarter of voters, Harper thinks the right thing to do is ignore other parties.

At the interfaith breakfast, I was very impressed with Rabbi Miriam of the Danforth Jewish Circle, who said that whenever she thinks about the environment she is reminded of Genesis.  She quoted in Hebrew but paraphrased in Jewish the phrase:

The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.


Zito Hellas! I spent the afternoon at the Greek Independence Day Parade on the Danforth with two supporters and my young son carrying a Greek flag.  Then we bought some spanakopita and brought it back to the office we had just claimed at 1338 Danforth.  From now to election day, it will be open daily from 10am to 9pm.

The office was bustling all afternoon.  We have some very energetic local supporters who were helping move things around.  Thanks to Kashkoush and all his friends.  Six supporters went out with more window signs.  Our signs are up on Danforth, on Gerrard, on Donlands and Coxwell now.  My daughter and some young supporters made some progress towards a big sign over the office while office manager Jo Oppenheimer supervised the delivery of office furniture.


Our lawn signs are in print.  Our first flyers are in print.  Supporters and passers-by walked in and talked.  At 9pm, we were still talking to neighbours who had recently moved to the riding and wanted to know more about the Green Party.