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Day 6: Cards have arrived

I have 18 boxes of cards sitting in the campaign office, ready to be handed out to the public.  I can’t wait to start.

I’m exhausted.  I had to take over the office today because my campaign manager had other non-campaign duties.  He had thought he could do them while managing the campaign, but it has just been too busy.

We have had a tremendous response from people outraged at Elizabeth’s exclusion from the debates.  Even non-Green voters are walking into the office and asking who they can write to  in order to get Elizabeth in.

The campaign feels good.  Positive and wonderful.  I hope and expect sense to prevail.  Elizabeth will be in the debates.

Day 5: My registration papers are in

Didn’t have a computer with me last night so I’m updating now.  My husband and campaign manager has had back problems for the last week so moving is painful.  He’s also averaged four hours of sleep a night through this time.  But he’s working full time on the campaign.

I registered in the morning.  Everything seems to be in order but as of last night I was not yet confirmed.  It takes time.  Everything takes time.  Thanks to Clara who dragged herself out of bed early to spend the day helping me out.

I was part of a panel of speakers in the evening at the Post Carbon Toronto AGM.  Somehow I was also elected back onto the Executive as well.  The office is looking great and working better and better.  Materials should be coming in soon.  Jo’s daughter Meghan decorated the window display and Charlie says the team had a fabulous meeting last night while I was out at my talk.

Coal climate showdown in Bangladesh: sign the petition

Within days, a man-made environmental catastrophe could be initiated in one of the most environmentally fragile countries on earth: a massive coal mine in Bangledesh is poised for approval despite a years-long protest movement to stop it.

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Day 4: Frustrations

34 days to Election day

We aren’t allowed to put up TTC ads, in what looks like it may be a violation of a court decision on election access.  This afternoon, I went to get myself registered and was told that not only was the Returning Officer not yet ready to register candidates, but that some of the nomination signatures I had might have been stale dated and I would have to get new ones.  Raced out to Gerrard Square for signatures.  Then back to the office and a late arrival at pub night.  Came home to discover Elizabeth had been barred from the debates again.  I guess the Consortium wants the debates to be boring.  It is so much work for the Greens just to have access.  Still waiting for signs and flyers.

Not frustrating was a meeting with an Ethiopian community leader.  A very good conversation, followed up on by Charlie.

To help get Elizabeth into the debates, do the following:

Day 3: Waiting and preparing

The big excitement of this day was the brief moment we lost track of my 15-year-old daughter at nightfall and several volunteers went on a search.  Other than that it was a steady day of progress.