2008 Aug 14: Power down for Blackout Day

The symbol for Blackout DayPower Down for Blackout Day
Thursday, 2008 August 14, all day

Five years ago, August 14th, Ontario and much of eastern North America was plunged into a blackout that lasted several days.  In that time of crisis, some beautiful things happened:

  • we saw the stars, like never before
  • people organized barbecues and street parties
  • we rediscovered the importance of conservation

These things are worth celebrating.  The Conservation Council of Ontario, the Blackout Day Group, and many others need your help to help Ontario Power Down on Thursday, August 14th.

  • Power Down for the day and celebrate conservation
  • stores and restaurants: Power Down for the day and offer Blackout Day specials
  • offices: Power Down and turn off unnecessary equipment
  • municipalities: join the Mayor of Woodstock’s Municipal Blackout Challenge

One response to “Power down for Blackout Day”

  1. Christeen Thornton writes:

    I think this is a great idea!
    You may recall the day that we turned everything off for an hour throughout the city (well most of us did!)…
    I think it would be great if perhaps we could aim to do that once a month.
    Imagine the energy we would conserve!

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