Sharon Howarth on the radio

Here’s a short clip of Sharon Howarth on CFRB giving a little background on herself and setting out her reasons for running as the Green Party candidate in Toronto-Danforth.

More good news…

In our section of the riding-by-riding look at the GTA in today’s Star, Sharon Howarth was cited as Jack Layton’s biggest threat. Read the whole thing here.     Read more »

Jack Layton’s empty seat

An empty chair for Jack Layton at the all-candidates debateAn empty chair represents Jack Layton, who didn’t show up at his own all-candidates debate last night.  Citytv reports on the feelings of local residents.

Jack Layton's empty seat at all-candidates debate

NDP leader stifles democracy … again

TORONTO, ONTARIO – October 7, 2008 –Jack Layton, who only four weeks ago tried to deny the people of Canada the opportunity to see and hear Elizabeth May in the televised leaders’ debates, is again attempting to stifle democracy by refusing the attend his own all-candidate’s debate.     Read more »

The only wasted vote is a false vote

Has anyone else noticed a sense of desperation in the air emanating from certain of the other parties?  The pathetic attempts to try to win your vote by maintaining that strategic voting is “necessary” because a Harper loss must be procured at all costs?  That now is not the time to vote your conscience — your principles.  That too much is at stake.  But this is short-term thinking at best, and just another nail in the coffin of our democracy at worst.     Read more »