Coalition government is democratic

A coalition government made up of the three opposition parties who received 62% of the vote, with added counsel from the Greens, is perfectly legal and democratic.     Read more »

Toronto-Danforth 2008 results

Well, we beat the Conservatives and we passed the magic 10% mark at which a portion of campaign expenses are reimbursed.

Final results rounded to the nearest percent:

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Jack Layton NDP 45%
Andrew Lang Liberal 30%
Sharon Howarth Green 13%
Christina Perreault Conservative 12%

2008 Oct 14: Election-night party

Dear Green Party Volunteers,

I’m so sorry for the late invite. We’ve been a little busy at the campaign office these last few days ensuring that your hard work during this campaign turns into vote after vote after vote.

Please join us and a whole bunch of Greens from across Toronto at Supermarket in Kensington Market to watch the returns and let us thank you for a job very well done.     Read more »

Giving thanks

Now is the time to join with family and friends to celebrate the harvest, to celebrate how lucky we are to live in a country like Canada where we have the democratic right to cast our ballot for whom we choose.

When my family celebrated Thanksgiving Saturday I gave thanks for the bounty of this earth, and also for the bounty of support that the voters in Toronto-Danforth and across the country have given the Green Party this election. The results will be truly historic. Canadians will elect Green MPs.     Read more »

Only candidate who stayed to the end

At the risk of being petty…     Read more »

Sharon Howarth on the radio

Here’s a short clip of Sharon Howarth on CFRB giving a little background on herself and setting out her reasons for running as the Green Party candidate in Toronto-Danforth.

More good news…

In our section of the riding-by-riding look at the GTA in today’s Star, Sharon Howarth was cited as Jack Layton’s biggest threat. Read the whole thing here.     Read more »

Jack Layton’s empty seat

An empty chair for Jack Layton at the all-candidates debateAn empty chair represents Jack Layton, who didn’t show up at his own all-candidates debate last night.  Citytv reports on the feelings of local residents.

Jack Layton's empty seat at all-candidates debate

NDP leader stifles democracy … again

TORONTO, ONTARIO – October 7, 2008 –Jack Layton, who only four weeks ago tried to deny the people of Canada the opportunity to see and hear Elizabeth May in the televised leaders’ debates, is again attempting to stifle democracy by refusing the attend his own all-candidate’s debate.     Read more »

The only wasted vote is a false vote

Has anyone else noticed a sense of desperation in the air emanating from certain of the other parties?  The pathetic attempts to try to win your vote by maintaining that strategic voting is “necessary” because a Harper loss must be procured at all costs?  That now is not the time to vote your conscience — your principles.  That too much is at stake.  But this is short-term thinking at best, and just another nail in the coffin of our democracy at worst.     Read more »

Laugh till you’re Green

Featuring Mark Walker, Joanna Downey, and Paul Smith.

Sharon Howarth and comedians at Laugh till You're GreenThe crowd at the Laugh till You're Green comedy fundraiser for Sharon HowarthSharon Howarth on stage at Laugh till You're Green     Read more »

2008 Oct 2: Debate party

Elizabeth May on an old televisionLeaders’ Debate Watching Party
Thursday, 2008 October 2, 7:30 pm
Maverick Pub, 804 Danforth Ave

(a few doors west of our campain office)

Join fellow Greens from all over Toronto as Elizabeth May makes history as our First Party Leader to participate in the televised Leaders’ debate.     Read more »

2008 Oct 3: Sharon Howarth on Goldhawk Live

Toronto-Danforth candidates on Goldhawk Live
Friday, 2008 October 3, 7 pm
Rogers TV cable channels 10 and 63

Catch Sharon and the other Toronto-Danforth candidates on the Rogers televised debate with Dale Goldhawk. There will be one minute openings and one minute closings, with questions from Dale Goldhawk and phone-in questions for the rest of the hour.

Sharon Howarth in a minute

A video prepared by

Involving youth and their future

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time talking to people in the subway stations. I have come across a number of young people and especially high school students who are concerned about their future, especially in regards to the environment.     Read more »