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I met with the Toronto Energy Coalition Steering Committee last night. David Donnelly, a lawyer who has done a great deal of work for environmental causes, was there to offer his advice. There is some momentum. The Carlton theatre has offered to screen “An Inconvenient Truth” free, with proceeds going to TEC, if we can pack the theatre. Details are being worked out, but we expect to show the film twice weekly for a 3-4 week run. We’re hoping to offer some surprises to get people to come even if they’ve already seen the film.

The coalition also has a table at MEC that is to be staffed at peak times on the weekend. I’ll be there sometime Sunday. So if any of you are doing some shopping at MEC, stop by and sign a petition asking for a full environmental assessment on the Portlands power plant.

We want to develop a positive vision for the waterfront. Terry Fahey, of the west end, has a wonderful plan which basically leaves the western half of the Portlands as a giant greenspace to absorb floodwaters from the Don River, with wetlands to help clean up the water too. Sharon Howarth, my neighbour, friend and fellow green, has been promoting this vision almost singlehandedly and with fierce determination. Terry’s drawing is just a sketch, and we would need to work on it to build it into a compelling vision that would resonate with Toronto residents, but the beginnings are there, if only we had someone to work on them.

I had an idea I’d personally like to work on, which is to stage an event to which we invite Premier McGuinty, and everyone else who comes can step up to the mic and tell him what they think of the Portlands plant. I assume he won’t come, but if enough people are interested, the media will cover it, and we can tape the whole thing and broadcast it on the TEC site. Any inspiring ideas about a good location?

Go to www.stoptheplant.ca to see the updates from the Toronto Energy Coalition directly.

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